Logistics Call

Do you want more information about working with a coach before signing up for a preview session? No problem at all! Setup a logistics call and I’ll answer whatever questions you might have and we’ll see if coaching is a good fit for you.

15 minutes

Preview Session

Do you want to see what a coaching session is like before deciding whether or not to ‘sign up’? Schedule for a preview session to spend an hour talking with a coach, getting a feeling for the process, and getting some useful forward momentum in the process.

1 hour

$ 50.00

Check-in Call

For existing clients - to book a short check-in call (15 minutes or so) between sessions.

15 minutes

Coffee Talk

Did we meet at an event and talk about going to get coffee? If so, then select this option.

1 hour

Coaching Session

For existing clients to book a session (must be an existing client for this booking). Payment through existing invoices.

1 hour

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